Dino on a bike at Critical Mass

You Never Bike Alone

You Never Bike Alone is an 82-minute documentary, produced and directed by Robert Alstead with Joanna Clarke.

You Never Bike Alone looked at the rising number of cyclists in Western Canada’s most populous city, Vancouver B.C., and in particular the fun and often madcap ways that cyclists were impacting transport in the city in the new millennium.

The documentary focuses in particular on Critical Mass, a “rolling party” of thousands, that takes place in cities around the world at the end of every month.

Cyclists, artists, politicians, and drivers share their very differing views on the efficacy and tactics of Critical Mass.

You Never Bike Alone was self-financed by Alstead Media, then known as icycle.ca productions, and had its premiere at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver in 2007. 

It had its festival premiere at the Moving Pictures Festival in Vancouver in 2008. 

You Never Bike Alone has screened across Canada and around the world. It is available on DVD, and we also have t-shirts for sale.

You can also view it rent or buy to own at Projektor.


Robert Alstead, Joanna Clarke

Robert Alstead

Assistant editor
Joanna Clarke

Director of Cinematography
Robert Alstead

Additional archive footage
Russell Adams
David Grove
Scott Nelson
Neil Anderson
Ted Buehler
Still We Ride
Dinos Against Fossil Fuels

Roots Round-up
The Peacespeakers
Wannes Rombouts
The Flykicks

Stills photography
Clancy Dennehy
David Grove
Ian Paterson
Pete Lypkie

Graphic design
Garth Yule

Jim Hoehnle
Donald Rennie

Audio editor
Robert Alstead

Audio Post-production
Kevin Hemmingson


Dr. Fred Bass Vancouver city councillor (1999-2005) and Critical Mass rider.

Richard Campbell Director of Active Transportation, B.E.S.T. (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation) and former co-ordinator of the “Bicycle People.”

RedSara Artist and freak-bike builder.

Steve Kisby Member of the Bicycle People and activist.

Carmen Mills Organizer of the Commercial Drive Car Free Festival and former editor of Momentum Magazine.

Russell Adams Artist, activist and freak-bike builder.

David Hay Bike lawyer with Richard Buell Sutton in Vancouver.

Jaggi Singh Political activist, arrested in August 1997 Vancouver Critical Mass.

Gordon Price Vancouver city councillor (1986-2003) and director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

William Rees Professor, University of British Columbia, SCARP. Founder of Ecological Footprint Analysis. Lifetime cyclist.

Bonnie Fenton Chair, Vancouver City Council Bicycle Advisory Committee and Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition representative.

Suzie Webb and Sasha Webb Critical Mass and World Naked Bike Ride participants.

Peter Ladner Vancouver city councillor (2002-), Vancouver city council Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Members of MC3 (aka Margaret Charles Chopper Collective) Douglas Johnson, Cara Fisher, David Grove, “Chainbreaker” Jane Buker, Liz Tilley, James Thompson, Lee “The Fossilosopher” Henderson, Ifny LaChance, Bike Dr. Pol, and more.

The Brakes and The B:C:Clettes bike dance performance groups.

Khan Lee Freak-bike designer.

Jim Hoehnle Director of PedalPlay, organization dedicated to promoting pedal-powered culture in the community.

Jack Bates Biker.

Conrad Schmidt Founder of the World Naked Bike Ride and co-ordinator of the Work Less Party.

Kevin Falcon Transportation Minister, British Columbia, Canada.

Gordon Campbell Premier of British Columbia, Canada.

Derek Corrigan Mayor of Burnaby (2002-), municipality neighbouring Vancouver.

David Fields Transportation campaigner, SPEC.

Paige Dampier Citizens Concerned With Highway Expansion.

Kevin Potvin Journalist and editor of the Republic of East Van.

Anthony Perl Professor and Director of Urban Studies Program, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

Also featured: Riders on Vancouver Critical Mass rides between August 1996 and October 2006, Tame the Lions Rides of the 1990s, the Wholesome Undie, East Van Chopper Festival.