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Dragonboat Drone Show

Dragons and Boats Appear Above Vancouver In City’s First Public Drone Show

By Robert Alstead | June 24, 2024

Vancouver just had its first ever public drone show, part of the Dragonboat Festival in … Read more

CIBC branch on Broadway in Vancouver at night

CIBC Scraps Charges on Gift Cards

By Robert Alstead | April 18, 2024

Back in January, I wrote a blog post about how I, and many other CIBC … Read more

Caffeine clock

Notes On Caffeine, Booze & Sugar Free January 2024

By Robert Alstead | February 11, 2024

It’s just after 10pm, 2nd January. Post bed-time. There is peace in the house. I … Read more

Evo cars in parking lot

While I was playing Santa, CIBC was playing Scrooge

By Robert Alstead | January 24, 2024

Over Christmas I bought my wife some Evo miles. CIBC charged me a 45% bank charge and 20+% interest fee for the privilege of paying by Visa.

Kid with ski poles raised beside a Modo shared car

Car sharing 101

By Robert Alstead | March 13, 2023

Consider this: a privately owned car can cost at least $10,000 a year, yet, for … Read more

A child wearing a bike helmet stands in front of a Modo shared car

New YouTube Series on Car Sharing

By Robert Alstead | March 13, 2023

As someone who has advocated for better – as in safer – cycling conditions in … Read more

Last Ride on the Sky Chair

By Robert Alstead | April 12, 2022

One of the beauties of living in Vancouver is that we have three ski resorts … Read more

Countering a YouTube Takedown Notice for Copyright Infringement

By Robert Alstead | February 11, 2022

In recent months I have been beefing up my YouTube channel with more videos. It’s … Read more

Notes from Sugar-free January 2022 – no caffeine or alcohol too

By Robert Alstead | February 2, 2022

I gave up the trifecta of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, and the rest of the family gave up sugar. 

Fixed: Drupal RSS Not Validating

By Robert Alstead | June 24, 2021

An essential part of any news web site is the RSS feed. RSS allows you … Read more

Projects - latest

Barb the bus in East Van

Home is a 40-foot School Bus

By Robert Alstead | May 23, 2021

Together We Grow

By Robert Alstead | December 5, 2020
TV selection

Old TVs

By Robert Alstead | December 2, 2020

Running On Climate

Film: How a climate scientist became Canada's first Green MLA.

Freak biker

You Never Bike Alone

Film: The story of how Vancouver cyclists changed the face of a city.