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Tricycling out of Vancouver

Epic Kid Tricycle Video Background

By Robert Alstead | April 28, 2021

Ever since they have had the neck muscles to hold their cranium above their shoulders … Read more

Notes from a Month of Abstinence (no Sugar, Booze, or Caffeine)

By Robert Alstead | January 31, 2021

The idea for a vice fast had crossed my mind as the end of the … Read more

Cambie Bridge, Vancouver at high Tide

Predicting the Price of European Carbon in December 2021

By Robert Alstead | January 21, 2021

President Joe Biden has wasted no time in winding back the damage done by his … Read more

Climate March Sign - "Denial is Not a Policy"

British Columbia Signalled the Exact Price of EU Carbon Now, A Year Ago

By Robert Alstead | December 16, 2020

I’m celebrating. At the beginning of 2020, climate and energy journo Alessandro Vitelli (aka @CarbonReporter) … Read more

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Barb the bus in East Van

Home is a 40-foot School Bus

By Robert Alstead | May 23, 2021

Together We Grow

By Robert Alstead | December 5, 2020
TV selection

Old TVs

By Robert Alstead | December 2, 2020

Running On Climate

Film: How a climate scientist became Canada's first Green MLA.

Freak biker

You Never Bike Alone

Film: The story of how Vancouver cyclists changed the face of a city.