Predicting the Price of European Carbon in December 2021

Cambie Bridge, Vancouver at high Tide

President Joe Biden has wasted no time in winding back the damage done by his predecessor. On day one of his four-year term, Biden is taking the US back into the Paris Agreement and has carbon reduction in his sights, including axing the Keystone XL pipeline. There are reasons to be cautiously optimistic: the U.S. … Read more

British Columbia Signalled the Exact Price of EU Carbon Now, A Year Ago

Climate March Sign - "Denial is Not a Policy"

I’m celebrating. At the beginning of 2020, climate and energy journo Alessandro Vitelli (aka @CarbonReporter) held a competition on Twitter to see who could predict the price of a tonne of CO2e (carbon dioxide or equivalent) on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Futures at the end of the year.  Specifically, he asked for a prediction for … Read more

Together We Grow

This is the teaser video that I included as part of a submission to the CBC about the BC Seed Trials. It features Vancouver urban farmer Chris Thoreau who at the time was co-ordinating the Seed Trials. I still think it would have been a good little film, but it was rejected. Such is life. … Read more

Old TVs

TV selection

This is a work-in-progress that started with gathering photos of discarded televisions in my neighbourhood in Vancouver. It will be a whimsical look at the nature of obsolescence. I have now hoarded a fair amount of material and so should be posting an update here soon. With a more exciting title, too.