Home is a 40-foot School Bus

Barb the bus in East Van

This is a project for which I have footage going back several years. This East Vancouver neighbourhood has seen big changes in recent years as older houses are torn down and replaced with McMansions and laneway houses. The story provides a window into the stresses being felt by ordinary families by the affordable housing crisis. … Read more

Together We Grow

This is the teaser video that I included as part of a submission to the CBC about the BC Seed Trials. The extract opens on urban farmer Chris Thoreau ruminating on why all but one of his tomato plants have failed. “It’s a little embarrassing,” he says. Other participants in this citizen seed trial (that … Read more

Old TVs

TV selection

This is a work-in-progress that started with gathering photos of discarded televisions in my neighbourhood in Vancouver. It will be a whimsical look at the nature of obsolescence. I have now hoarded a fair amount of material and so should be posting an update here soon. With a more exciting title, too.